Foto of the spinning mill

Processed materials

Our plant processes a very wide range of natural fibers a artificial fibers. The fibers are processed both in 100% and mainly in blends (up to 4-components).

Natural fibers

  • Cotton (medium fiber, long fiber)
  • Cotonised linen (in blends)
  • Cotonized wool (in blends)
  • Cotonized alpaca (in blends)
  • Cotonized hemp (in blends)
  • Cotonized dyed linen (in blends)
  • Cotonized modified linen (in blends)
Processed materials - natural fibers

Artifical fibers

  • VS staple (natural and dyed)
  • VS staple ECOVERO
  • VS Modal
  • VS Viloft
  • VS Bamboo
  • PES staple (natural and dyed)
  • PES FR
  • PES regenerate
  • PAD
  • Acrylic
  • PLA staple
Processed materials - artifical fibers
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